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Infographic Introspection

Infographics cop a lot of flak from the data visualization community for such things as their superficiality and contravention of good design principles.

Several designers have taken such criticism on board and responded to it in the only way they know how … as infographics about infographics.

Phyl Gyford got the ball rolling with the infographic shown below:

Think Brilliant’s Dave Fields, then broke every rule in the book with his Intimate Look at Infographics:

Then Tanner Ringerud donned his tinfoil hat and spilled the dirt on The Truth About Infographics with an Infographic Backlash Infographic.  Apparently, the plethora of infographics flooding the Internet were all part of a grand conspiracy to game Digg!

E Factor Media decided to take the matter a more seriously with their Infographic.

Susannah Bandish explored the numbers behind 2010: the Year of the Infographic.

And most recently, Ivan Cash tried to cram every trick in the infographic playbook into his Infographic of Infographics.

If you come across any other infographics on infographics then please point them out to me.


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